Tuesday, April 3, 2012

5 years ago

I was realizing today that 5 years ago I was living in France. 

I lived for a semester with a host family in Paris, France studying French and art. 

I was going through my journals of when I was over there and I came across this entry (I write in my journal as if someone else is reading it, I don't know why, I always have.):

I know I write everyday that life here is perfect, and you are probably thinking that I am making this stuff up, but it's true! Everyday feels like a movie. 

I had the most perfect 24 hours, it was literally the best day ever. 

I got home at around midnight and Madame told me I had a package on the counter. I took it up to my room and opened it, it felt like Christmas! It was full of wonderful goodness, specifically chocolate covered cinnamon bears. Oh how those make me homesick. I am pretty sure I slept with a smile on my face, of which I slept so well! I woke up without my alarm feeling completely rested at 6:15, since I was wide awake I decided to go for a run.

About a quarter mile from my house is a gorgeous little path that runs along the Seine river. I decided to go a different direction then I normally do and I couldn't believe how breathtaking it was. With overgrown ivy on brick walls, wild flowers budding up everywhere, and charming rot iron fences; I felt like I was in the Secret Garden. 

When I ran as far as I could I turned around to head back home when I saw a little bench. I couldn't help myself I sat down to watch the sunrise over the river. It was incredible! I sat with my eyes glued to the rich vibrant pinks and golds and listened to the birds sing and the rushing water as I took in deep breaths of spring. I am telling you my senses were on fire with delight.

I noticed a little plaque a few steps away from where I sat. Come to find out I was sitting right where Renoir painted La Grenouiller years ago. I understand completely why he chose this place to paint, it is a part of paradise. 

After I got ready I was walking to the outdoor market to get some fresh fruit and vegetables, I had my headphones in listening to some soft sweet music, the background music to my real life movie. I was walking down a particularly lovely lane with lined trees bloomed heavy when a gust of wind came and with it swirled around me thousands of cherry blossoms. It was amazing. 

I spent the day exploring the enchanting city walking down tiny alleys, bartering with old women in their even older shops. Sitting in a random Cathedral off a miniscule street just to look over and see in one of the radiating chapels The Calling of Saint Matthew by Caravaggio. I mean seriously! 

When I got home I had the intention of finishing some homework but the internet wasn't working so I grabbed a blanket and sat on the tiny balcony outside my window. I watched the full moon cross the sky as I listened to Andrea Bocelli until I couldn't keep my eyes open.

I honestly don't think it can get any better! I am the luckiest girl in the world.

This is an actual picture I took while living in Paris.


  1. Isn't Paris amazing?! Very cool that you got to do this, and that you kept a journal of it. You will always remember it!

  2. This post made me so homesick for Paris. And ironically, I was listening to the Amelie soundtrack as I read it. Love love love this city.

  3. I miss France and miss all of you! Wow, 5 years? That was a non-stop party. I vote we do it again!