Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Emergency Kit

Last year my parents asked me what our family wanted for Christmas.
I told them I needed help getting my 72 hour kit started.

Since having Bridget I have discovered a new character trait in me: the protective mama bear.

Well one thing about my dad is he is a fantastic gift giver. He does his research! You will be amazed as I walk you through the emergency kit they gave us.

In fact, yesterday Utah had a state-wide Earthquake Drill. Experts are expecting a 7+ earthquake to hit Utah in the next 50 years. This drill was supposed to help assess how we were doing on an emergency preparedness front.
I thought it would be appropriate to share this kit with you in case you need help knowing where to start.

This is it: Rolling Duffle Bag (I saw this exact bag at Costco last night).

 I will take you through it, pocket by pocket:

 I need to by sure to add a tube of toothpaste.

(the silver shield wipes are disinfecting wipes)

I still have to put together a backpack for each family member with clothes, food, and personal items. 
I also need to make a 72 hour kit for Trevor to take and store at work. 

Last year when the Japan Tsunami hit I was working for Xango. We had an office in Japan, luckily all of the employees were safe, however, they were stuck in the office for 2 days. They could not get home for 2 days! It made me realize we have to be prepared wherever we are.

Hope this helps. 
Please feel free if you have questions.


  1. I love that! I need to get stuff together for my family too. We only have boxes of "food I will only eat if it is the absolute end of the world, and I might die if I don't eat it" I also like that you are making one for Trev at work.

  2. Nice job April. I like that yours is a roller bag..maybe I should look into that. One thing that was suggested to us was to get a binder together with either the originals or copies of important documents in case they got ruined. Also, pics of your family members in case something happens and you can't find each other. Oh, and a change of clothes for everyone. So much but like you said, better to have your lamp full than empty :) Thanks for the post!

  3. I really need to make a better one. You have just inspired me to get on it! hahaha