Tuesday, April 10, 2012

If you really want to get to know a stranger

Go to the Post Office.

Since I have had Bridget I have noticed that wherever I go people tend to open up. I don't know if a baby makes them feel vulnerable or the fact that I am usually wrestling around a squirming child, a car seat, and an overloaded diaper bag makes them feel that I couldn't possibly judge them. 

It usually starts out with them giving me advice on how to raise kids. 
(Sometimes I really do appreciate what is said.) 
Then for some reason, if there is enough time, it turns into a autobiography. 

And when you are at the post office, there is always enough time. 

Yesterday while standing in line I got to know the two unrelated ladies behind me fairly well. I know their names and addresses, I know that Laureni has two kids; Ashley and Michael. Ashley is living in Finland right now on a study abroad and Michael's birthday is on Saturday. 

But Debra, poor Debra has had a rough life. Both of her children were miracles, very difficult for her to get pregnant. A couple weeks ago one of her employees had a stroke while showing some customers a vacuum, he's ok but still down. She was a daddy's girl and her dad died a few years ago of lung cancer, so she took her mom in and she was diagnosed with colon cancer. Debra herself gets a mammogram every year and they found a cancerous lump in her breast, when they went in to remove it they found two more. 

It was a lot to take in while in line at the post office.

Sometimes people just need someone to listen. 
And a hug. 
Hugs have the ability to soothe the soul. 

And so does this little lady, she can soften any heart.

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  1. So cute!! She is a doll!! Can we please talk about her amazing rolly polly body? If you are nursing then you must have some magical milk because my little guy was as skinny as could be so I had to plump him up with formula!!! B is amazing!