Friday, April 20, 2012

Birthday Ode to the woman I love

Greetings blog stalkers!
This is Trevor, April said that the only thing she wanted for her birthday (aside from the other things she has told the both of us) was for me to do a Blog post on her I mean OUR blog.  So I thought I would share one of my innumerable talents with you, that is my gift of rhyme.  And this is arguably the reason April married me.

April my dear how do I find the words to say,
That my love will last forever ... and a day.

The reasons I love you are more than the sands of the sea,
So to put it simply we were meant to be.

I love how great you are to our baby,
You always know what's best for our little lady.

I love you because you deal with my quirks,
And remind me that it is only because I's Works.

You laugh because my dream truck is a mullet on wheels,
I laugh at you cause yours is a mini-van with the frills.

I love you because you are so wise,
I love you because we've learned to compromise.

I love you because you you teach me what's in style,
Even with a mustache you endure me with a smile.

I know I'm not the prettiest man alive,
But for you I still strive.

I hope you know I am alway all ears,
Especially at night to listen to your hopes, dreams and fears,

So now to send this off right,
With all of our might.
Let's lift our glasses, or sippies, in a toast,
To the woman we love most.

Happy Birthday April,

I sure do love you!


Bridget said she wanted to post as well so this is what she had to say:
gfhmc gvjgfjfhcxcxccxc lhvflb  kfgjkgfdfghjldfs dfgcfxdsds.
Rough Translation: Momma I love you So much!  And you make the best Milk! Happy B-Day!


  1. Haha, the pictures that go along with the poem are perfect! :)

    You two seem great for each other. What a fun post.

    Happy birthday, April!

  2. laughed so hard at the van with flames on it! haha! what a sweet husband :)

    happy birthday, april! you are and will always be the light of my life! even on my birthday i told the zebra cake story to one of my dear friends. it was my way of telling them how incredibly awesome you are!

  3. Go Trevor! You've got a future in poetry if sales doesn't work out:) happy birthday Steedie! Love ya!

  4. Great job Trevor!! Very cute. I had to laugh at the picture of Bridget with the cord (after the poem says you know what is best:-) And that last picture of her is so cute!! Very darling. Trevor looks great too--love the PJ's! Glad you got what you wanted for your b-day!

  5. Awesome post! Happy Birthday April!

  6. Haha very clever Trevor! Hope you had a fun day April!