Monday, January 2, 2012

You Are Invited

We have a joke in the Steed family. 

It started a few years ago, my siblings and I put some apple juice in my mom's nice crystal goblets (who hasn't right?) 

Of course we were sipping on our beverages with our pinky's in the air toasting each other, laughing and having a good time.

My sweet mother came into the room to survey our activity and with a disapproving look she said "You guys, that is fake smoking and we don't do that."


In utter confusion we asked:
"Fake smoking, mom?"

"Yes. That's not good, we don't do that."
At this point she still hadn't pick up on her mistake and we all thought it was pretty funny so what did we do? 

We made fun of her through sarcasm.

Raising our fingers to our mouths, in our best impression of someone with emphysema we start "fake smoking" and toasting to things like "good health." Or "Here's to two lungs."

Through a bashful grin she realized her slip up and we all had a good laugh.

Since then any time a wine glass is used it's known as fake smoking.

So this past week with the majority of my family home for Christmas and some bottled grape juice from my mom's home grown concord grapes, we knew we needed to have a formal dinner party with some inevitable "fake smoking" to really class it up.

Please enjoy the spontaneous photo shoot that ensued:

Trevor & April

Geoff & Aleena

Bryce & Sarah

Craig & Ruthie

Douglas Steed

You better believe that 3 months after having a baby I can fit in my wedding dress!!!

Well maybe not completely....

We loved the guys outfits, they seemed to all reflect their personalities.

Before even seeing Geoff I heard Aleena say "You look like a gay bartender"
...can't argue with that.

We did eventually get around to having dinner. 
The casserole was delish.

**There is no intention to offend anyone that is gay, drinks, or smokes: real or fake.


  1. You are all too much fun!! Where did you find all those costumes? I bet Monica is sad to miss out on the fun.

  2. you guys are seriously adorable. Looks like you have a super fun family! And i love the back-shot of your wedding dress! too funny!

  3. Oh how I love the steed family! You are all so awesomely fun! Goofs, beautiful goofs.

  4. hahahahah OMG this just made my day!! Sarah use to show me pictures of you all doing stuff like this and I love it because it shows how close and happy you all really are. And may I mention that I have always had a celebrity crush on your brother ahhahaha. Since like 2006. Celebrity meaning: it isn't real, I have never met him nor will I ever, and I can appreciate good looks! hahahaha Seriously every single person in your family is drop dead gorgeous! And I love how you were so honest about your dress!! ahhaah I love all of you guys and your hilarious humor! I wish I could come and hang out with you guys hahahaha!! Ohh also, is it wrong that I love your crown? Where did that beauty come from, it looks like it is from a beauty pageant!