Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Deep Thoughts - On Breastfeeding - Part Deux

By: Jack Handy April Millar

 *Breastfeeding is excellent for posture. You no longer have the desire to slouch because when you do your nipples touch your belly button.

*After watching Bridget play with my empty water bottle I thought "Water bottles are shaped like breasts." So in essence, none of us have given up the boob.

*Don't buy your nursing bra two days after you give birth when your boobs are engorged. After a couple weeks you could put both boobs and a fist in one of the cups to try and fill it out. And after a couple of months you will never wear it again because it's so large your baby could sit in it.

*The breast pump will become your best friend, maybe even before your husband.

*If your baby starts to prefer the bottle over you, so you make her eat only from you, but then you decide one day to give her a bottle again, don't be surprised when she gags. 

*Breastfeeding definitely gets better: I trained Bridget to tickle my neck whenever she is eating.

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