Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Legit Baby Shower

About two hours after Bridget was born when my midwife came in to say goodbye, Bridge was still naked in my arms. 

I asked my midwife if we would be bathing her before we left the birth center?

She responded by telling me it is very beneficial for the vernix (the white gooey stuff) to absorb into her skin, and that she personally didn't bathe her babies until they were about a week old.

Ok then, being one who washes their hair one maybe two times a week (tmi?) I am totally down with that. 

We first bathed Bridge when she was 6 days old and saying that she hated it is an understatement.

I honestly think it was the first time she cried since being born. 

I figured it would get better, a couple more times I tried with the same reaction. 

She just wasn't a fan of the bath.

So I decided we would try a shower. 
oooohhhh how she loved the shower!

I would have her up against my chest and she, on her own, would lift her head back until it was in the water and would lazily close her eyes and relax.

 Please don't judge your men too harshly, I know they can't be as manly and have as much chest hair as mine. Sorry to flaunt it so obviously.

One thing is to be said for this little girl, she knows what she wants and she will make sure we figure it out real quick.
We just love her.

 Melts my heart every time.


  1. This blog post was a little bitter sweet for me. Very cute shots of little Bridge's naked body... don't quite feel the same way about Trevor's naked body....I think I'll just keep telling myself he's wearing a swim suit...

  2. haha Jem. Of course Trevor is wearing a swim suit! We always wear swim suits 'round here when we shower.
    ps. better than pictures of my naked body :)