Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I said I would never do this

Raise your hand if you think Bridgey is a pretty dang cute baby.
Yeah me too.

Although I said I would never solicit people to help me win a contest, that was before I had a baby and now here I am, on my knees....

My awesome cousin-in-law Callie is a photographer and is having a cutest baby contest.
If you feel so inclined to vote for Bridget I would love it!

All you have to do:
1. Follow this link to her facebook page: CallieMaePhotography
2. Then you must "like" her page
3. Then go to the cutest baby ever photo album and photo number 2 is Bridget, just "like" her picture and if she gets the most likes by January 15th we win a family photo session!!! (don't you want to see more pictures of Bridget?)

This is the picture:
Thank you!!
Also if we win Bridget will give you the biggest slobbery-est kiss you could ever ask for! 
Now that is a real incentive.

In other recent news Bridget discovered her singing voice last Thursday and has been singing none stop.

It is the sweetest thing I have ever heard.

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  1. So happy you find mine, now I have found yours woohoo! And look at that cute little baby. Love it. And thanks again for letting me stay at your place for Liz's wedding!