Monday, September 24, 2012

The End of an Era

My parents put my childhood home up for sale. 

I have been having mixed emotions about it. Initially it's breaking my heart, all of my memories are wrapped up in that house so obviously those will be sold with the house. 
(That's not how it works?) 

I always had the thought growing up, If they ever sell this house, I will buy it. I KNOW I'm not the only one who has thought this about their parents house. Well now the time is here, the house went up for sale and sadly it's not in my budget to purchase it. 

Obviously there has been some mourning, but the more logical side of me totally understands why they would sell. 
Empty nesters don't need an 8,000sq ft house.

Well I am here to announce, the house has SOLD! 
It's been a huge blessing and everything fell into place the way we have all been praying it would for months.

Aren't you so happy for my parents? 
But don't you still feel kind of sorry for me? :)

We fare thee well, dear house, we considered you part of the family. 
You indeed made it home.


  1. 1.) This house is goregous.
    2.) I'm still mourning my childhood house. My parents sold it 4 years ago. I kind of feel homeless in a weird way even though I haven't lived with them for years.

  2. Oh Steed. I can understand your sadness. What a beautiful home.

  3. Oh, I am so happy for your parents!! I know they were trying to sell it so I am glad it has sold. But I do understand that sadness that comes with it. It is such a beautiful home!! How wonderful you have all the pictures for your memories.

  4. Yes, I share your heart break! Honestly, I think you've just ruined my day!! :) No words....

  5. Oh April.. I love your parent's home. We had so many fun times there...Bachelorette, etc. Every time I drive through that area I think of you. I hope that your parents are happy on their new adventure too. I wish I could have helped you buy that gorgeous thing. :)

  6. Steph is right. If we get like 4 of our friends to go in together do you think we could buy it? I know it is sold..but still. Oh the Bachelorette--that is my fave memory from your house. Watching Bye Bye Birdie in the basement. Don't tell your parents but I'm not happy for them. That sounds rude. Sorry.

  7. I still vividly remember your first childhood home! I have dreams about Pine View Drive a few times a week. If I ever see it up for sale I usually knock on the door and introduce myself as the girl who's handprints are in the cement in the corner of the garage, and the patio, and who knows where else. I definitely plan on using components of that floor plan if and when we ever build our own home. Remember that little loft in your first house? Or the "far basement" or the dance studio? Awesome, we grew up in a perfect neighborhood, that is until you guys moved and it was never the same! Love you, old friend.

  8. Nooo! I love your parents. I will miss them! I felt this way when my Grandma sold her house. It still pulls at my heart when I drive by it.

  9. April: I agree with you! There are serious mixed feelings about this event! I have so many happy memories of your house too and you're right, it does seem like part of the family!! On the other hand, new we come!!