Friday, September 21, 2012

Earth Baby

Or a  green tomato baby.

Bridget's favorite thing to do is to pull herself up next to the garden making sure she is completely immersed in vines and leafs, eat some dirt and pick herself a few unripe tomatoes to gnaw on.
She would do it all day, if I let her. 
Some days I do.
Our box garden is right out our front door. So I'll leave the front door open while I clean the kitchen and let her play in the dirt. 
I have had two different neighbors come "rescue" her from "escaping" and eating "stuff she's not supposed to." 
 "April?!" (standing in my door jamb holding a mud smeared Bridget)
"Hi! How are you?
"Bridget got out of the house and was eating the green tomatoes, I took it away from her."
"Oh no! Thank you! I don't know how that happened.... silly girl."
I somehow forget to tell them she eats at least one green tomato a day. When I say eat I mean she takes a few chunks out.
I used to be a bit more paranoid with what she put in her mouth, but it was exhausting. 
Now my philosophy is: 
"As long as it won't kill her and I don't have to call poison control." 
Besides it's good to try new flavors... don't want to raise a picky eater, someone who just wants to eat edible things.

p.s. when she is in the garden I check on her about every 90 seconds. 


  1. I like your mothering philosophy! And wow, she is getting so big!

    1. I know can you believe it?? I just want to bottle her up so she won't grow any more.

  2. Jazz still gets dirt cravings when it rains or she smells a fresh potted plant. Haha. It must run in the family

  3. So cute! I agree, and my child is rarely sick. If you don't let your kids get dirty they don't build an immune system.

  4. I knew you were just the person to watch my kids while we go to china. I'm that same kinda mother :)

  5. Good for you! I didn't stop being freak mom untill baby #2. I'm glad you chilled out early!

    1. Who knows maybe I'll continue to chill out even more with baby #2 and become "that mom." I'll try and maintain a good balance. :)