Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Max Zipline

Remember how I told you guys that August was a busy month.
 It was. 
It also included two, yes that's right TWO trips on Max Zipline!

It is seriously so much fun!!! 
It's this big zipline tour in Provo canyon. 
You go from one zipline to the next (5 total) so you get one thrill after another. It actually takes an hour to an hour and a half to do the whole zipline. 

We went with all of our friends when we were on our love trip. We had such a blast that two weeks later we went with all of my family. 

 It is so safe, they have a great, advanced, state of the art harnesses and breaking system, designed by the owner. 

Prices are $59.99 but they have deals going on all the time. "Like" their facebook page to get in on the deals or contests they offer.
It's totally safe for kids. 
My nieces and nephews went as tandem riders, the youngest being 2 1/2-years-old. (you can see it in the video above). Smaller or younger than that they won't allow.
Be sure to tip your guide at the end. They do such a great job!

I highly recommend Max Zipline. 
If you live in the area or traveling to Utah any time seriously check it out, it's an adventure you will never forget.

Call or email: 801-960-3113 
to make your reservation or ask any questions.


  1. That looks fun! I want to plan a trip just to come and do that!

    1. But for real! I'll go with you when you do :)

  2. This is my husbands really good friends zipline. Love it. It's such a hoot!

    1. No way? That's awesome!! Is it Steve and Connie?

  3. I went zip lining in Honduras over the rain forest. It was awesome! You'd be in the middle on trees one minute & then over the forest the next. It would be awesome to see in Utah too! I loved it!!:-)

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