Friday, August 10, 2012

The 4th Annual Love Trip

Let me explain.

Trevor has some of the best friends. They are his "college buddies." All were roommates of his in college, some from Freshman year, but a few originated in high school, middle school, and even elementary. One has been his best friend since birth (that happens sometimes when you are cousins).  

They were such a good group of guys. I knew the majority of them in college, I would see them around campus or at parties and they would be having so much fun. 
I wanted to be best friends with them. They were the guys that planned the best dates, participated in any activity and made it so fun. 
They were all really cute and funny. 
And they were good guys, they followed the honor code and curfew, they did their home teaching and attended devotional, they were the Elders quorum president kind of good guys. 

One by one they found their soulmate and got married. When I finally got an in with the group the majority of them were gone. I didn't mind, I always had my eye on Trevor. I remember telling one of the "buddies," Paul, that I thought Trevor should want to date me. I was fairly certain Trevor didn't even know who I was at the time. Lucky for me Paul agreed and planted a little bug in Trevor's ear. 

When Trevor and I got serious we started to hang out more with his buddies who were married. There are seven buddies, the last one just got married last month. Now of course we know the guys are buddies and like each other but the real miracle in it all is that the wives really like each other. In fact whenever we are together we separate like a 6th grade dance, girls on one side laughing and giggling, boys on the other flexing their muscles for each other. 

The term "Love Trip" started when one of the buddies, Rob, who is from England was hired over a Christmas break years ago to transfer all of Troy's (another buddy) family videos to DVD. (Rob couldn't go home for Christmas seeing as it was to England and a bit too expensive). For hours he watched Troy's families events. There was one tape that had footage from a trip taken by Troy's parents  and their friends when they were young couples. They were sitting on their husbands laps, or slapping their wives booty as she walked by, they were young couples who couldn't keep their hands off each other. Rob thought it was hilarious and coined it "The Love Trip." He showed Troy and they decided that when they were all married they would go on "Love Trips" together. 

So we have. 

This year was the 4th annual and the best one yet. We went to Heber, Utah. 
We rented a house for the weekend and played, ate, and talked non stop.

Here I'll introduce you to the group:

Troy & Jemaica

Tyler & Callie

Rob & Erin

Zach & Katie

Paul & Brenda

Trevor & April

Bryce & Bobbilee

Doug & Ashley
(We missed you guys)


  1. That is awesome! They are such a great group of guys! I consider myself lucky that I was able to be a roommate with some of them. It was such a short time, but I had some of the best times of collage with them. :)

  2. How fun!! They all look like great people. Although you and Trevor win the prize for the most enthusiastic!

    Did you know Grandpa Smith had a group like that? Some of them grew up together and the others they met on a mission. Every month they would get together--all those who could. And often they would go on trips together. Although most of them have passed away, those who are alive still are friends. I think almost all the men now have been mission presidents, some were also MTC presidents and many were also temple presidents.

    So--now you know what to look forward to! :-)

  3. That is so cool that you guys have stayed so close over the years. You all have such beautiful wives. You all look so great!!!

    Jeanise (Stevens) Swaner

  4. so since your "love trip" you no longer blog? i do not support that at all. i miss your wittiness.