Thursday, August 2, 2012

Strange Obsession

I hear many kids acquire a comfort item when they are young.
 Often times it's a pacifier, a favorite blanket or stuffed animal. 
It's a common thing.

Seeing as Bridget is my first born I am not entirely sure if her comfort item is, well, normal. 

Bridget loves elbows. 

Yes, I am serious, elbows.
More specifically she is fascinated with the elbow skin.
(If you are more familiar with the term "wieness" that would be the spot.) 

She loves it. 

 She will do whatever it takes to pinch an elbow. all. the. time.

Sometimes she even "double fists it" with both of her pudgy little hands grabbing an elbow each.

It almost feels like she may be addicted. She will be playing and out of nowhere will high tail it over to the nearest person to get her fix.

I am interested to know, does/did your babies have any corky characteristics or weird comfort items? 

Because of course it's not just my kid, right?


  1. Harper's was (and sometimes still randomly is) ears! I still hear papa telling him to leave his ears alone. No joke. But elbows are a first for me. Good thing she is cute. Haha love it!

  2. Oh my gosh, that baby of yours couldn't be cuter. I'm about to hop on a plane to Utah just to play with her for an afternoon. I think it is SO cute that she grabs the elbow skin! And I have definitely heard the term "weinus" - HAHAHA! Too funny.

  3. This made me laugh! I had totally forgotten until you wrote this, but Carly used to do this all the time when she was Bridget's age. She loved elbows! Something about the texture maybe... and it didn't matter who the elbow belonged to either. So, she's definitely not alone in this fascination. Too cute!

  4. So cute! Capri loves the beauty mark on my cheek. She has to rub it to be comforted. Kind of crazy what kids like. :)

  5. Oh my gosh you have no idea how happy this made me feel, i felt so alone because i have never heard anyone else with an elbow obsession :) i have one too and i cant stop doing it lol

  6. As i was falling to sleep 10 mins ago. Im pinching my partner's elbow skin. And it got me thinking what do they call on my obsession with elbow skin. And it got me here. Im already 26 years old and i still want an elbow before i fall to sleep. I grew up sleeping beside my parents because we were lack of rooms and since i was a child i always hold and pinch my mothers elbow. It was until around 22 years old since i stop doing that because my sister left and work to other country and i acquired her room. And since then i thought that i will stop doing that until ive been with relationship with my current partner. Its weird but it gives me comfort and ease whenever i pinch an elbow.

  7. And i see that you post this 3 years ago. Hows your child now? Is she still pinching your elbows? :)