Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's My Birthday

This year Trevor has been traveling a lot for work and I have been missing him. So when our friends the Markus' invited us to go to Hawaii with them we jumped on it. 
Trev and I have never vacationed together. We pretty much keep our trips strictly to Utah and Idaho.  I actually really do love Utah and Idaho but a change of scenery is very much welcomed.

We have a great excuse too,  I am turning 27 and Trevor will be 29! (It will also be our 4th anniversary) So yeah, it's kind of a big year full of major landmark celebrations.

We leave tomorrow! I am so excited I can't stand it, I have never been to Hawaii.

This is the first time Bridget will be without both of us and surprisingly I am taking it really well. Sure I'll miss her, but I am really looking forward to a whole weeks worth of nights sleep with no baby in the next room. when I can wake up whenever I want to. My current attitude may be a direct result of taking care of my sisters 6 kids this week and waking up everyday at 6am. Just a hunch.

So I leave you with this: aloha, ma halo, pineapple, Oahu, Tegucigalpa, ... and other Hawaiian words. 
See you in a week! 
 Picture of Trevor on his mission in Fiji. 
Hawaii is the same just with indoor plumbing, right? 


  1. That is so exciting! Have a blast!

  2. Shut up! I hate that I didn't know this. For the love. Just live it up!!

  3. I have thought about you on your birthday my whole life. I really love you. I hope you have fun in Hawaii!!! Happy late birthday

  4. Happy Birthday! I'm so excited for you guys to go to Hawaii. I forgot that Trevor served in Fijil... did he by any chance know a Sister Ann Keller? She served there at the same time I believe and is one of our good friends now. Just curious :)