Tuesday, May 7, 2013


My grandpa passed away on Saturday. 
An absolutely amazing man, 92 years old and one of the most sincerely kind persons you will ever meet. 

I was fortunate enough that a couple weeks before he died I called to catch up, he was the only one home so he and I chatted for awhile. He and my grandma live in Wenatchee, WA so I don't see them often. We had a nice conversation but I could tell something was a miss. No quite his laid back cheerful self.
We both knew his time here was coming to a close, more likely sooner than later. Although we skirted around the topic I wanted to ask him if he was ready to die. But that sounded so, I don't know, accusatory? 
So I avoided the question. 

But now I wonder if people who know that their time in mortality is swiftly coming to a close want to talk about it? Or do they want to maybe pretend that nothing is changing? I suppose it depends on the person. 
Again, we didn't talk about death, but I could tell there was some fear in him. Not necessarily the fear of the act of dying, I honestly think he was welcoming that transition, but he was afraid to leave his beloved wife. They have been together for 67 years. 

But he truly was a wonderful man and the best grandpa. He was the strong silent type. He didn't always say a lot but when he did you listened. 
And such a tease, if you ever complained about something hurting he would quietly pull out his pocket knife and start trimming his nails, after a few minutes he would say "I can cut it off for you, so it will stop hurting."

And did you know that a creature lived in the cleft of his chin? If you touched it it would snap at you. Except for Sundays, the creature always slept on Sundays.

About 5 days before he died I was talking with my parents and I told them about my conversation with Grandpa, I told them that I didn't think he was doing very well. At that point I had the thought that he wouldn't make it through the week. Two days later he was in the hospital quickly declining. My parents got in the car the next day and made it there early Saturday morning, my sisters drove from California to go say goodbye as well. He passed 15 minutes after they arrived. 
He so sweetly waited for everyone who was coming and then his spirit peacefully left his mortal body with many many of his loved ones around him. 
I wasn't able to be there but I have since felt a confirmation that he is happy where he is, free of his pain and deteriorating body. 
I know that he still exists, his spirit lives on and that I will be reunited with him again when my time here is complete. 

So I say to my dear sweet Grandpa Jay, 'till we meet again.

Read Jay's obituary HERE 

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  1. April, I was so sorry to hear he had passed away. We can always take comfort in knowing someone lived a long full life, but that doesn't make us miss them any less.