Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Time out with My Girls

So I may have just sat here for a solid minute trying to decide if that title could be taken inappropriately.
Conclusion: most likely. 
But I'm going to keep it, only because anything can be taken inappropriately now-a-days. Get your mind out of the gutter people, I refuse to conform.

I'm a pretty lucky lady, throughout my life I have always had amazing girl friends. 
College was no exception, my kindred spirits I tell you.
It has been years since we have been roommates; we have all grown up (sort of when we aren't together), married (despite your resistance I know you are working on it, Brianna), and doing our part to multiply and replenish the earth (12 babies so far between us).

Every year we get together, it makes me so happy!

This year we actually went back to Rexburg, Idaho. It had been five years for me, longer for some of the others.
Holy smokes has it changed! (All y'all that attend BYU-Idaho now or in the future, spoiled I tell you. You don't even have to plan your route to class, hightailing it through as many buildings as possible to thaw out your nose hairs. They have built you sky bridges, you don't even know what cold is anymore.)

We had so much fun, this year Meagan turns 30, so we planned a little scavenger hunt for her down memory lane. We visited a lot of the places with the most precious memories.
(I would like to point out here, please notice Meagan's squinty eyes in every picture. Those crystal blue eyes and sun don't mesh. Glad some things never change)

The Smith Building the location of a lot of her classes.
Meags, do you remember when we took that French choir class for extra credit and practiced in that room right there at the top? I can't sing.... or speak French so we just watched people out the window slip on the ice? Prime location for people watching.

The dorms. Ironically Meagan was the only one of us who ever lived in the dorms.
Lizzy is 26 weeks pregnant (you would never be able to tell) thus her belly has a mustache.

Meagan, to put it kindly, is a bit accident prone. She may or may not have been a frequent visitor to the health center.

 The David O. McKay Library. Can you believe that we went to school before every student had a laptop? So we had to go to the library... regularly, not just the third floor. In fact if I remember correctly Meagan was the only one who actually had a computer in our apartment. And for the first few years we didn't have cell phones, we had a land line.
(Am I doing a good job describing how old we are? Or am I just making others feel really old?)

The Hart.
Gone are the days of a free gym membership. Speaking of, their new gym is amazing.

Birchwood Apartments. Where our group fused together.

 The Ravishing Club and Spy Tech will live forever in our hearts. Thanks Porter Park for providing the setting.
  It was at Baronnessa that these ladies were first roommates, so happy that happened.

This was the apartment where we were all finally roommates.
The Ridge 104.

Oh yes, and the church where we were played an intense game of dodgeball.
At exactly the same time I dove for a ball hurling it to my opponents, Meagan ran forward tripping over my large obstacle-esque body. Down she went, catching herself with her chin. Blood everywhere her first words were, "dangit, my dad is going to kill me, I have already been to the ER too many times this semester."

I propose that we all move to Spanish Fork.


  1. I miss you girls! I have the prettiest friends ever! I am only moving to Spanish Fork if I get the queen bed downstairs!

  2. Ok I am confused. You are not that much older than me (what, 2 years?) and I went to college with a cell phone and a laptop. A lovely Sony Vaio. And I got an iPhone one year later (and it was the second version of the iPhone). I think you are confused. Or else you are much more than 2 years older than me.

  3. Well ladies...I totally appreciate this post, because I'll admit it... I live vicariously through my married friends (which include all of the above).

    Needless to say, I wish I could have added a few places to the scavenger hunt (like The Sandbar, Retrix, and many more). But most of all I wish I could have been there with my girls!! If only you know how my heart was breaking thinking about all y'all laughing together back at 'WHY-daho.'

    You all are gorgeous and inspirational. Note to self - get working on that marriage thing, since April thinks you're already there. :)

    Okay...I get it...I'll just write my own post about this weekend even though I wasn't there.

  4. Loves it. So fun and I have a minor meltdown every morning when I can't be "everyday friends" with you guys. Bri you were seriously missed!

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