Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Merry ValenPat Easter.

So I have kind of missed posting about a few holidays.
Holidays are so much fun with kids, yes I agree, but at the same time as the mom of a kid I feel so much pressure on holidays.
I way did not realize how much time thought and energy my mom put into every holiday. She never went over the top but she always made them special and nice.

Valentine's Day
I love these "Little Miss..."  books! I have made it a tradition to get one for Bridget every gift holiday. I am sure I love them more than she does right now, but I have forced them on her enough that I am confident they will be her favorite books.

St. Patrick's Day
(We actually didn't do anything for St. Patrick's Day but I took this picture that day so it kind of counts.)

As a mom I am finding I just want to raise grateful children. 
I want them to be happy with simple holidays. 
I want us to remember the reason why we celebrate holidays anyway. 
And mostly, I want us to fill our house with memories instead of things on holidays. 
The whole thing is a balancing act and I am learning with each subsequent festivity.


  1. Darling Pictures!! And I think it is great you are starting her out on Jane Eyre!

  2. Cute DASM. No st patty party? Bridget on that scooter is priceless.