Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Crazy Up in Here

Last week, continuing on into this week has been a bit on the nuts side.

We had an awesome Thanksgiving with Trevor's family, we sure do love them.

But we decided to move. In about 2 days, we decided to move.
To Orem.

I have more thoughts on that about how this is the very first time in my life I will have even spent the night in Utah County let alone move there.
Who cares, right? I mean I live right on the border of Salt Lake and Utah counties anyway, aren't they the same?
Oh No. no, no. They most definitely are very different.

I would venture to say that ....100%.....yeah, that sounds like a good number....100% of people would agree with me that Salt Lake and Utah counties are as different as skim milk and heavy cream.
I don't know where the milk metaphor came from, I don't even like milk. But I do like cheese, mostly when it's melty. Mmmmmm, cheese on anything makes everything better. pinterest.

We also had Bridget's Baby Blessing on Sunday. It was wonderful! We are so grateful for everyone who came to share the special day with us. Trevor did beautifully. Pictures to come. I am not entirely sure where my camera cord is.... I don't think I know where my camera is.

So I would like to make a toast, "Here's to not having to commute on I-15 and getting home from work in 5 minutes instead of 45!"

Yes, I will take it. I look forward to seeing my husband at least an extra hour everyday.

Get ready for some before and afters of our new place... if I can find my camera.

Side note: If you have noticed my blog title, I can't write in slang. period. I can't even shorten words in texts. It's not that I don't know how to, I had the slang version written in the blog title but I changed it back and forth three times before I realized I just can't do it.

It's a good thing we are moving to Utah County and not West Valley City. My punctuation would give us away in about point two seconds. u down wit at?

And because I can't leave you completely picture-less for four blog posts:

Melts my heart

She's getting good at it.


  1. Pinterest! Lol. I love your randomness. :) Precious pictures!

  2. What? Moved? Can't wait to hear the deets!