Thursday, November 10, 2011

I may have a serious problem

But it's debatable.

You see little Bridget may think she is big enough to know what she wants! 

and have a personality! 

and preferences! 

What?? Girl, you are 6 weeks old! 

Well, she definitely prefers sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed... 
Yes, that is a vintage power rangers pillowcase. 
(Can something be vintage from the 90's?) 

And she definitely prefers not being put down... ever. And if you dare to try, her personality comes out with great enthusiasm.

So this is how we get anything done during the day. 
Cooking dinner? Cleaning the bathroom? Laundry? She's done it all.

I think the real problem is she has her mommy's number and it's 1-800-WHIPPED!


  1. Can you tell Bridget to stop growing up so quickly?!? I have had your baby gift for over 3 months. I promise to mail it next week, or by the time she is walking. Love you and can't wait to see you at the wedding!

  2. Well, you know--you DID carry her around for 9 months without even attempting to put her down. She just knows what she loves, and it's you. That's all. You're a fabulous mommy.