Monday, May 23, 2011

Notice Anything New(ish)....?

Here is a picture of my kitchen, do you notice anything incredibly awesome, never knew it had the capacity to make my life a better more productive place?

(unfortunately no, it's not the floor lamp in the middle of the room, the light bulb in my kitchen happened to burn out the day I remembered to take these pictures and I needed light so obviously I would just moved the lamp in instead of changing the bulb.)

Yes, you are right! I have a dishwasher!!!
(Special shout-out to Tosha Seeholzer and Allison Mays because they currently live their lives without dishwashers and it's a rough one)
This is where my dishwasher is 99% of the time and then about once a week I roll it over to the sink to do my dishes!
I think Trevor likes the story of how I got the dishwasher more than the dishwasher itself. The story goes like this:

I had been looking FOREVER on for a portable dishwasher and it seemed like the price range was from about $120 - $300, from very old and yucky to brand new. 

I decided I could spare $150 in my budget to get a dishwasher, it was something I desperately wanted after all. 

I found one for $120, looked to be in great shape and it was within my budget, I called, he answered, 
"hi, is the dishwasher you have on KSL still available, I am interested?" 
"Oh, sorry I sold it 30 min ago." 
Blast! you dirty rotten Hellion! 
"Oh, ok thanks," I hung up and heaved a great sigh, got back online and searched.

I searched for probably another week or two with some slight interests but nothing what I wanted. 
I got really busy and didn't have time to search for a dishwasher for a few days. One day I was eating lunch at my desk and I thought, oh I should check out to see if there have been any new listings. 

Logged on did my search, and there, 2nd listing down, it had been posted for 9 minutes, was an almost brand new portable dishwasher that had the butcher block counter on top!! 

This is where is gets better, I click on it to get the details praying it is in my price range, and I read these words:
"This has been in my storage for a year and I just want to get rid of it, make me an offer." 

What?? Could this really be happening??

I immediately texted the lady:
"My name is April, I am VERY interested in your portable dishwasher, would you take $50 for it? I am willing to go higher."

At this point I am holding my breath and talking to myself, oh man I should have gone higher, she is going to sell it to someone else! But I had to go low, that's the number one rule of bargaining especially when there isn't a price tag on it.

"Well I was hoping to get $65 for it."
"Great, how about I give you $70 and I come pick it up in 2 hours?"


My next text convo went like this to Trevor:
"I just bought a portable dishwasher."
"Oh nice babe, how much?"
"Well she wanted $65 so I told her I would give her $70. Oh and we need to drive to Spanish Fork right when you are off to go pick it up."
"Wait, you offered her more than she wanted and we have to drive to Spanish Fork? You are really good at this haggling thing, aren't you?"

Well you know what? I have never had even a second of buyers remorse. I got it for half of what I was expecting to pay. That, in my mind, is a good deal.

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  1. April, I can appreciate just how exciting this is! I lived without a dishwasher for almost a year and I vowed to never do it again. I REALLY hate washing dishes! I'm so happy for you guys!