Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Day 26: 5 love languages

A Picture of something that means a lot to me:

Have you ever read the book the 5 Love Languages?

Or at the very least taken the test to determine which of the 5 love languages is how you express your love? Is it:

-words of affirmation?

-quality time?
-receiving gifts?

-acts of service? or
-physical touch?

I personally feel that the system is flawed because I know I am all 5.

I'll prove it:

#1 Words of Affirmation:I have a sensitive husband (don't tell him I told you) so I try to be extra careful with my words, I can't wait to tell him all the things I love about him, things that he does that makes me so proud. Although I don't leave thoughtful notes in special places around the house, I do bombard him daily with texts and emails.

Then on the flip side I am so a fisher for compliments. Pretty much every time Trevor tells me he loves me, I say "why?" and then I stare at him sweetly until he gives a substantial lists of all my exceptional qualities. (and for some reason he still tells me he loves me a lot, everyday).

#2 Quality Time: I value time in general. So to give someone my quality time or to have someone else give me their quality time is a huge deal that never goes unnoticed. Although I am a planner & a get things done-er, I make sure I stop and cuddle up on Trevor's lap and just spend time... for both him and me. The key is in the word quality, some of the most amazing memories I have were doing some of the most trivial things but the memory lasts because of the time spent was with loved ones.

#3 Receiving Gifts: I never thought I was a gift person... until I got older, and made my own money. I LOVE to plan out and really research the gifts I give. Again I would say here it's about the quality of gift, it doesn't have to cost a single cent but if it was thought out and planned, that's the part I love.

Unfortunately Trevor is not a gift person. He appreciates when he gets them, but he is more of a run-out-the-night-before-her-birthday-and-see-if-I-can-find-something-that-will-work kind of guy. And then if he does plan something he is the worst at surprises! He gives up anything even if I don't ask. It's kind of cute actually how he can't keep it in, and if that's his only failing I will take it!

#4 Acts of Service: Trevor may stink at giving gifts but he is incredible with service! I never really understood this one... until I married Trevor. He will do the regular stuff that you think of when you think of service like the dishes, or the laundry (there is nothing, and I mean nothing, like coming home to a clean kitchen that you didn't clean!) But he does so much more, he plays with my hair, massages my shoulders, tickles my arm for like a really long time, always. In fact when I get up in the night (which I do a lot of now that I'm pregnant) to go to the bathroom, when I get back into bed he rolls over and rubs my back until I fall asleep again.

#5 Physical Touch:I am a touchy person, not overwhelmingly so but I meet you, I hug you.

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