Thursday, May 19, 2011

An Answer to Many Prayers

For some reason I feel the need to give a lot of background info.... but that's just how I tell stories so get used to it:

When Trevor and I were dating, way back in 2008, we were both in our last semester of college. As our relationship started to get more serious so did the talks of our careers and where we wanted to be after we graduated, obviously giving more consideration to a future with each other. Trevor was studying History with a minor in Chinese.

(One thing to know about Trevor, languages make sense in his brain. He took French in high school and could hold about the same amount of conversation in French that I could after I took French in college and lived in Paris for a semester. He was drawn to and took several courses in Hebrew, he picked up some decent Spanish while living with buddies who served Spanish speaking missions. He himself served a mission in Vanuatu and speaks Bishlama, so naturally he would decided to minor in Chinese, right?)

His plan once he graduated was that he was going to get a job with the Foreign Service and work in the American Embassy in China. I actually married him thinking we would soon move to China. Once he realized how competitive the field really is, what kind of hoops you really have to jump through, and eventually that he really didn't like the work after all, he decided to pursue different paths. He has had several different jobs since we have been married but they have been just that, jobs. None of them were decent careers.

He had been searching and applying for (career) jobs for a long time now and with much praying and fasting he was recently offered a job at Progress Manufacturing.

It is a sales job, he is sincerely good at sales, I say sincerely because he is a sincere salesman not one of those weasel like guys, you know the type I'm talking about. And it has something to do with trailer hitches (if you want more details I am not the one to ask. When I was growing up people would ask me what my father did for a living and I would tell them I have no idea, and I even worked for him for a while.)

Trevor grew up a farm boy; digging in dirt, welding, tearing apart and fixing things, and he absolutely hands down LOVES CARS especially trucks! So whatever it is that he does I know this job is pretty perfect for him.

I love this picture because it looks like it's his first day of school.

I love that now he is happy to go to work, and he is happy when he gets home from work. He loves the company and the people he works with. I asked him if he could see himself working there for a long time, and he said absolutely because he has already learned so much about business and a different type of sales that he actually enjoys.

But the absolute BEST part about his new job is that he gets nights and weekends to spend with me!! He has worked Saturdays ever since we have been married! The novelty of having him home on Saturdays might ware off, but until then I am enjoying dragging him around, especially to the fabric store, he loves that.

I would really like to thank all of our friends and family who have been praying for Trevor to get a better job. Prayer is so powerful and I know we would not be where we are without all of you. So with deepest gratitude, thank you.

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