Monday, November 1, 2010

Ode To AT&T

You were brilliant to obtain a monopoly on IPhone
Otherwise no one would want you through disdain
Everytime I look at my bill I moan
Believe me, I do have reason to complain
But now I have lost my phone and I don't even care

I have called your customer service at least 3 times
With no luck, frustrations, and even tears
Just let me out, be done, it's only fair
I am through with you taking all my dimes
But alas Trevor loves you so in all my fears

It's you I will deal with forever, I groan
I hope you are happy with me insain
Because next time I call and hear you drone
No more Mrs. Nice Girl, bring on the rain!
Oh, I just got a call saying they found my phone
I guess we can be friends now


  1. tell trev to come and try Jers new phone. We were with ATT and hated them. We are now with sprint and so far so good!

  2. ha! love it. I have an iphone AND tmobile...i'm tricky like that...maybe you could try that?

  3. Verizon is going to start the iphone early next year! I am glad they found your phone. I will try calling you tomorrow!