Wednesday, November 3, 2010

25 Things about ME!

So I was Facebook stalking someone awhile ago, you know, trying to get to know them better without them knowing that I am getting to know them. (I maintain it's their own fault for posting what they post.)

Anyway they had a note about 25 things about them, I remembered I had participated in that activity awhile ago and I thought I would repost for my blogging friends.
(I know, and I still maintain it is my own fault for posting all this info about myself, but I think it would kind of cool if I had a real life stalker, I would be like all the celebrities)
1. I LOVE to travel! It is my goal to travel outside the country at least once every year, unless I am living internationally in which case that would just be awesome.
2. Every time I walk into a museum I get so excited that I start stumbling over my words not making coherent sentences. I start blurting out works like "Chiaroscuro, look, movement, here , stunning, controposto, symbolic, gorgeous, etc. But once I can calm down I actually give a pretty good tour.
3. Ok, see if you can follow this: I have 3 older sisters, TWO of my sisters married guys named Jeff. My other sister married a guy named Bryce. My husbands name is Trevor BRYCE. My name is Donna April, Trevor's late grandmother's name is Donna, and his grandfather's name is Bryce who he was named after. So he has grandparents named Bryce and Donna, which are the names that Trev and I have but don't use.
4. I am the WORST storyteller, but I LOVE telling stories. I give way too much detail and I usually get distracted half way through. I have been teased about my story telling abilities all my life; I usually have to say "I found 5 bucks" at the end to make it a decent story.
5. It is not a secret that I love to eat, apparently the fact that I have eaten 19 zebra cakes at one time is not a secret either...
6. I own more costumes then actual clothes, and I am constantly trying to think of themed / dress-up parties.
7. I am constantly cold (which facilitates my detest for the winter months). I told Trevor one time that I think the reason why I am always freezing is because I have problems with my thyroid, now he talks about getting me a thyroid transplant.
8. I am the only left-handed person in my family, which means I learned to do many things with my right hand. My mom didn't really know I was left handed until I was about 15 and for my high school graduation she gave me left handed scissors, very thoughtful if I was in Kindergarten.
9. I only like to cook when there is someone in the kitchen to keep me company.
10. My car's name is Twanda
11. I got pulled over once for a DUI....although I was not drunk.
12. The only car accident I have been in with air bags was when we ran into a construction dumpster. No, we weren't drunk then either.
13. I truly believe every girl needs: a red coat, red shoes, and a red purse
14. My favorite picture book growing up was Miss Rumphius and my favorite book in 4th grade was Maniac Magee
15. I hate the taste of cilantro
16. I recieved my Patriarchal Blessing on September 11, 2001
17. I have dimples and my first grade teacher told me they were angel kisses. To prove her theory I tried asking my mom, she said it was a weak muscle. I was devastated.
18. I have the best friends in the world!
19. One of my favorite things about Trevor are his large lips.
20. I like my smile. (Thank goodness for braces!)
21. My grandparents were related.... distantly. My grandma came through Hyrum Smith's first wife, Jerusha, and my grandpa came through Hyrum Smith's second wife Mary Fielding. The bright side is that my grandma didn't have to change her last name when she got married.
22. I had a funeral for my first car Goldburg, who was named after the WCW wrestler.
23. I have gone through many phases in my life some of them have included: wrestling (see #22), monster trucks, rat-tails (hair), Queen (the band), flowers in the hair, skinny dipping, and many MANY other phases.
24. My most embarrassing moment includes me yelling "BOONDOGGLE" and ripping my friend's insulin pump out of his stomach.
25. I was born on 4/20, which is the same day as Hitler's birthday, the Colombine anniversary, and national "get high" day... what a great day, right?


  1. Love it April! Especially that your mom gave you left handed scissors. That is really funny!

  2. April I just love you! The reason we can be friends and twins is because you ate 19 zebra cakes at one time! I loved this post and it made me miss you lots! Love you boo!

  3. my favorite one was about your weak face muscles. i laughed right out loud here at work.

  4. I think i've learned more about you from this post then I think any of the conversations we've ever had. It's awesome.

    Val Nees

  5. This is the most awesome thing ever. I totally remember #11...haha, bad, and #24. I LOVE YOU!