Thursday, November 4, 2010


Slowly but surely I am decorating and getting my house in order (pictures to day). It's been fun especially trying to get everything to work together on a major budget! So far my major block has been in Rugs! I may have taken them for granted my whole life but for the most part I can't believe how expensive they are!!!

Not only is it super hard to get one that I like, that works with everything else, and is the perfect size... then they tend to be a pricy penny. I am feeling a little overwhelmed.

Does anyone know where I can find some great rugs for a great price?


  1. I happen to be kind of obsessed with rugs...they are amazing. but alas, they are sooo expensive. my dream rug is actually like 2000 buck-a-roos. yeah. but Ikea actually has some sweet rugs...we got a cool grey one with white designs on it, 5x3 for 20 bucks! then i made one :)
    urban outfitters has a few area rugs for cheap, but they aren't super thick or plush. also try

    happy hunting!

  2. I have been able to find some good rugs for a reasonable price at Ikea...maybe it is worth a try : )

  3. Ugh isn't it the worst! Darn rugs. Yes Ikea is the place to go for sure. Can't wait to see your place! Love you!