Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas 2015

The Christmas Season is upon us yet again. I love this time of year. I love all the family time and traditions. I especially love my Savior Jesus Christ and I am so grateful He was born. 

It is also time for our traditional Christmas Card! If you are curious about our previous years cards: 20122013, 2014

2015 has been good to us. Not even Miserables at all.
The biggest highlight being the addition of Darby Naomi to our family in April.

Darby: Was born at home, just to make you feel uncomfortable. This time on Trevor’s side of the bed, just to make him feel uncomfortable. She is now 8 months old and 22lbs. She has more body rolls than the Michelin Tire man and should audition as the vocals for police sirens and/or fireworks. But seriously. I will get after Bridget and Ruthie for screaming only to find out it was Darby’s pure elation of life that was expressed so loudly. I then remember she is the third kid and just doing her best to make sure she’s not lost in the mix.

Ruthie: Almost 2 years old and a jabber box. She has taken up joke telling, knock knock jokes being her forte. She has perfected the punchline… just start fake laughing and everyone will follow. While Trevor and I have to spell out a large portion of every conversation, it is imperative that we never say B A T H out loud because just mentioning it Ru will get completely naked in 2.3 seconds. Ruthie is sugar and spice, and keeps us laughing constantly.

Bridget: 4 years old, started dance lessons this year and loves it. Although I have noticed that she is a much better dancer if you don’t ask her to do the moves she learned in class. Bridget comes into our bed and sleeps in between us in the middle of every night. We have been trying to get her to stay in her own bed, in exasperation I asked her when she was going to sleep in her own bed all night? “When I’m 20 probably.” She responded. I’m pretty sure she’s serious. It does feels like Bridget has all the sudden become an adult, she asks deep penetrating questions about the meaning of life and death. I suspect I am learning more from her than she is from me.

April: Has enjoyed being a mom to my three little girls. Almost in a giddy punchy type way, sleep deprivation has a way of doing that. I have continued to teach HypnoBirthing classes, and love it. I am gearing back up to start doula-ing again in the Spring. 

Trevor: Not much has changed with him. A little less hair on his head, feels the need to compensate with the hair on his face. Totally sexy. We have 3 kids in 3 years to prove it. He is the best part of our every day when he walks in the door from work.

We send our love and prayers and wish all our family and friends a wonderful Christmas season with an excellent New Year.
Trevor, April, Bridget Ruthie, Darby Millar

We would like to publicly thank:
Douglas and Russell Steed for the assistance with the picture taking.
Douglas Steed for the impeccable Photoshop job.
Hale Centre Theatre Orem for costume help.
Eugene Delecroix for painting Liberty Leading the People.

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  1. April...I LOVE it! You are pure joy in every way! You make me laugh and smile and cry all in the same little Christmas card. You are gifted sweet girl. Thanks for sharing those gifts with so many. Hugs, Judi