Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Basement Remodel Beginnings

When we purchased our home almost 3.5 years ago it didn't have any of the things that were on our "wish list." Such as Trevor wanted a garage and I wanted a walk in master closet. But the second we walked in we were excited about it.We could feel it's potential in it's sturdy walls and squeaky floors.
It's an old Ranch style home, built in 1957 a 3 bedroom 2 bathroom in 2400 sq. ft.

There is plenty of square footage it just has not been used well. We have two bedrooms upstairs and one down. But like any 60-year-old grandma house the basement is cold, dark, spidery, and not a place I would put my babies. Which means that the 5 of us are in the two upstairs bedrooms.... and truthfully 4 of us sleep in my bed and Ruthie sleeps in her own room because we are all terrified she will wake up in the night. There's nothing like a 2-year-old's middle of the night tantrum to make sure no one sleeps. And honestly, I am tired.

Which brings us to our basement remodel. It was actually kind of funny, it wasn't until about 8 months ago that I realized that we could gut our basement and started over by re-purposing the space to better function for our family. It took me three years to look past what was already there and see what it could be. I was trying to figure out how to squeeze two other bedrooms in the unfinished spaces when the finished spaces weren't helpful the way they already existed.

We have been saving our pennies and have started the process to do a full basement remodel. There are lots of super dumb weird things about our house that will definitely need to be addressed. (the poop pipe, the hole in the middle of the bathroom floor, and the fact that all the outlets seem to be on one breaker. etc. etc.)

Two Summers ago Trevor remodeled our bathroom so we are pretty much professionals. It only makes sense to take on a whole basement renovation as our second project.


  1. We dealt with the poop pipe issue as well! Let us know come drywall time, Rem is a pro at that, I'm serious! Good luck:)

    1. Thank you! We will!! We are particularly not looking forward to drywall, should be in a couple weeks.