Wednesday, July 25, 2012


 I got lucky, I married a man who enjoys the theater. 
Think of it? A manly man who will go to plays with me, and like it.

When I found out Wicked was coming to Salt Lake I jumped on it. 
As soon as I secured our tickets I cranked up the show tunes.

At first Trevor tried to tell me that it would be better if he knew nothing about the story / songs so that way he could be surprised and have anticipation and suspense, like a movie.
I had to explain to him that the theater is like a piece of fine art. You could go to a museum and walk by masterpiece after masterpiece if you didn't know what you were looking at. But once you know something about the piece, the artist, the background, how it was made, what it took to create it, you go from glancing at a work of art to really looking at a masterpiece and having a love and deep connection for that treasure.
The more you know, the more it means something to you.
You enjoy a museum one thousand percent more when you know what you are looking at. 
It's the same with plays.

With Trevor, we had to start from the beginning.
He had never even seen The Wizard of Oz.
Can you believe that there are people in this world who have never seen The Wizard of Oz??

"How did you like it?"
"I may have thought it a little boring, there was only one story line."

Our seats? Eye level with the chandelier. 
 It was perfect! Amazing!

When I asked him how he liked....
"It was way more funny than I expected it was going to be."
(Which is true, if you have ever heard Trevor's laugh.... he thought it was pretty funny.)
"I am really glad I watched The Wizard of Oz there were a lot of inside jokes and parts that I wouldn't have understood if I hadn't seen the movie."

Considering the few tears he shed there at the end, and his humming Popular on the way home, I am going to interpret the above statements to mean that he LOVED IT!!!


  1. It's a really good one. We've seen it a couple times on each different coast. What's coming next do you know? By the way, isn't it amazing to have a husband who will go (and may even really want to go) to the theatre with you? :)

  2. I've never seen Wizard of Oz either. Perhaps it was a Millar Family thing. My mom thought it was too scary for us kids, I'm sure Grandma Donna instilled that in all her children. Not sure! I should probably see it for the sake of seeing it. :)

  3. We love the play Wicked. Just don't read the book. It really isn't like the play and it is very inappropriate. (I didn't finish reading it)

    What you said about museums and pieces of art is so true. We went to the Louvre but were too cheap to pay to go with the group who had a guide, so we wandered around by ourselves. Luckily I did take an art history class in college so I knew some things, but mostly we didn't appreciate very much. Since then I will always go with a guide--which is good because we have been to most of the big museums in Europe. What a waste to go and not know anything about any of the art work! :-)

    Glad Trevor enjoyed the play!

  4. Not sure where that boy was hiding out - but we watched the Wizard every year when it came on TV. He must have been too busy elsewhere - or all the girls left before he could be influenced and there were only manly shows on at the house. :-) I loved Wicked & agree on the book. I couldn't finish it. Wicked makes you look at the Wicked Witch of the West differently. Go Alphe!!

  5. When Cats comes to Utah you, Sara and I will have to go.