Thursday, July 12, 2012

Pinterest: Fail?

I have been figuring I needed to provide more activities for Bridget to stimulate her senses. Of course to Pinterest I went to give me some ideas. 

I came across this, so I pinned it.
Seemed like a good one, this baby looks younger than Bridget and is playing so nicely, plus I had some cornmeal. 

Do you want to see how Bridgey did?

how do you make a gif at

It's not a sensory experiment unless we taste it.


I don't know what constitutes a pinterest success or fail? 
It doesn't look anything like the picture but I'm sure it stimulated her senses. 
However it's not one I would probably recommend.
Mostly because I think she had more fun in the tub over the cornmeal, and she came out of the tub clean when my kitchen floor continued to be a disaster.

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