Tuesday, July 3, 2012

In Case You Missed It...

And you really wanted to hear us on the radio, I have the sound bite.

-click on "Archive" 
-go to "Choose a date" 
-select Monday July 02
-Our call starts at 2:29

We were so nervous.
 I said "three years" like 7 times. 
I think he got the point.


  1. okay you guys are the most awesome people ever! the whole time i was listening i was like, "i know them!!" seriously, you guys are awesome and you guys sounded so great on the radio. look at you...like bff's with dave. that's what you call him, right? dave? or do you call him davey? all of his clostest friends do :)


    Love it, congrats you guys, you are awesome! Also, let's hang out soon.

  3. That is seriously so cool! You are very inspiring!

  4. April: I'm so proud about you and Trevor, I'm busting my buttons!! I listened to your call and I am so impressed. You are doing great things together as a couple. I'm also delighted to hear about the doula training! You'll be terrific and already have tons of skills even without the training. You'll be the best ever!! Hugs