Monday, July 23, 2012

10 months

I remember when you were brand new, 5 weeks old, we went to visit your auntie and cousins. I changed a diaper of one of your cousins. I could not believe how off it felt holding his ankles high in the air as his legs felt like they kept going forever. It threw me for a loop, I was used to your froggy legs that weighed a few ounces each. I could not fathom you ever being big enough like that.
But now you are. 
I think it might make me sad if you weren't so awesome. 

It's funny because every day feels the same with you, then I realize what you have learned or how much you have grown in just a few days or weeks it literally blows my mind.
It's amazing to me how you can do new things like it's no big deal. 
You act as though it is something you mastered long ago, but you are just letting me in on it. Oh yeah, that? Of course I can do that. See?
You have a some hilarious sass. Sometimes I feel like you are teasing me.

I have a feeling you will be talking long before you walk, mostly because you mimic the words and sounds that your daddy and I make on a regular basis. I am serious you usually sound spot on, then daddy and I look at each other amazed and you go on like whatev, no big deal. Of course I can say that and know what it means.

Me thinking you'll talk before you walk has nothing to do with the fact that at 10 months old this is how you crawl: 


  1. What a sweet note to that sweet baby. I read that babies can only have one developmental milestone at a time, so late walkers are early talkers or vice versa, etc. So yes, expect some good communication and later mobility. I think that's the better combination, myself =)

  2. So cute! Neither of my kids have crawled before 10 1/2 months. Kind of nice actually :)

  3. I didn't know she could crawl so well! Hum...what do you know!
    I want to watch this video all day!
    Gramie Ruthie