Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Last pictures from the Cabin, I promise.

Angie & Kiddies 
(Jared missed his flight by 1 minute, poor guy)
Jamie & Terrence Fam

                                Trevor & April Fam                              Mandy & Chitlins

Dusty & New Fiance Courtney
Bj & Stacy Fam

Bryan & Jude
Grandparents with almost all grandkids.

Congratulations to Dusty and Courtney on their engagement. They got engaged a week before...I think it may have been a little overwhelming for her to meet the whole family at the same time.
Can't imagine why.
We are excited to have you in the family Courtney.

p.s. Trevor and his brothers tend to have competitions with their facial hair. 
This year: Who can grow the best "Monkey Tail"


  1. hahahaha monkey tails....

  2. I think Trevor's tail won. Now hopefully they ask shaved. I had to look up monkey tails because I was curious. Shouldn't have done that! Eeww.