Monday, June 25, 2012

9 Months

Oh sweet daughter of mine, I am absolutely smitten with you. 
More and more I can see little characteristics in you that are like your family. Then there are things about you that are completely yours.

You are mellow, like your daddy. You don't mind getting off your schedule, you go with the flow. As long as you are in sight of your mom or dad not a thing bothers you. You rarely scream or cry,  but if you could you would sit in your mom's lap all day. 

You are a people watcher, like your grandma Ruthie. It's hilarious actually that you can be so young but yet thoroughly enthralled with the next table over. We were at dinner recently and you turned completely backwards in your highchair to stare without abash at the people behind us. They tried playing with you, making faces and talking sweetly to see if you would respond, with a  stoic expression you openly analyzed them.

You get distracted easily, like your momma. Some days I can't keep up as you flit from one thing to the next, one area of the house to the other. 

You put your legs and feet up on everything, like your auntie Monica. I purposely put your highchair tray on tightly so you can't get any legs up and always the next thing I know somehow your little toesies are peaking up over the edge of the tray. 

Your ears poke out a little, like your Great Grandpa Bryce. Oh my goodness they are so cute.

You are a story teller, like your momma, complete with excellent facial expressions. If I were to guess what you were saying I think I would get pretty close. 

You are empathetic like your cousins, Carli and Hailey. When one of you cry, you all cry. You must be able to feel each others pain. 

You definitely inherited:
*The "Millar Stare" when the TV is on (un-penetrable). 
*And the "Steed Smile" (big and toothy).

You are just plain the sweetest. 
I think we keep trying to see ourselves in you to make us feel good about ourselves. Because if a little bit of what you are is in us...I think we will be alright.

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