Friday, June 1, 2012

Is there a stronger word for Miracle?

My wonderful best friend Jennie had her baby yesterday. 

She chose the all-natural, un-medicated, birth center route and let me tell you, she was a rockstar! 
Seriously superwoman. 
By the time I got there at about 10:00am she had been in labor for 13 hours, you can imagine both she and Jordan were exhausted. 
I need to put a little plug in here about Jordan, a true hero I tell you. He did an awesome job helping Jen through it all.
She had the most incredible determined focus, but I mean literally. 

What worked best for her was to have someone in front of her and when she would have a contraction she would lock her eyes with their eyes and breath it through. 

But it wasn't just locking eye contact, it was the insight into her soul... I could see everything she was feeling both physically and emotionally pouring out of her eyes. Sometimes I would catch a hint of a plea in her direct gaze, please let this cup pass from me. And yet she never said a word, somehow she still managed to keep her shoulders limp, her jaw relaxed, and her brow soft... and with her determined focus she would get ready for the next one.

Another amazing thing about Jen, for as intense as her labor was it was that much fun too. 
I hear you... Fun? During labor? Whilst un-medicated?
I know, I was surprised too. 
But it's true. 
She had a Bob Marley dance party at around 16 hours, complete with an informal conga line.

I mean come on, here she is smiling! 14 hours in and she is smiling!
She said some pretty funny things during her labor. 
The one I really remember chuckling pretty good at was just after she had gotten in the bath tub right before she started pushing she became convinced that there wasn't a baby in there. 
Her midwife had to keep assuring her "I promise a baby will come out, not a flowerpot, not a watermelon, a baby...your baby." 
At the time, I don't think Jennie really believed her.

Then at 4:17pm their sweet little boy was born. 7lbs 5 oz.
With a mop of hair identical to his daddy, and a direct gaze like his momma. 
He is beautiful.
Congratulations Jennie and Jordan, I sure do love your little family!

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  1. Wow, congrats to Jeannie and Jordan, too! I love hearing stories of peace and calm during birth. I know it's possible and it definitely takes some determination. But it is totally worth it! How great that you could be there, too, April! I think it's an experience for everyone who can be a part of it!