Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Next Best Thing

We had planned to go camping with some of our friends this last weekend.
However there were some scheduling conflicts.
Not to mention the overnight low was predicted to be 34 degrees, we thought we should probably not knowingly inflict hypothermia on our child. 

So we did the next best thing and moved the party to our driveway. 

I lived with these girls in France. 
However we were missing the rest of our "France Friends" (you ladies know who you are, hope you are jealous and seriously consider moving back to Utah.)

You can't have a camp out without a piñata! 

And everybody knows the best piñatas are scary fairies.

Thanks Rem for being the rope holder.

And the best part? When it came time to go to sleep, we all slept in our own beds.


  1. Now that is MY kind of camping!! I think it is so cool how you have stayed close to so many of your past roommates. Looks like everyone had a great time.

  2. Remember that one time Trevor almost died holding the rope for my pinata? Dangerously fun.

  3. Total FOMO!! I cannot wait to see you guys this fall!