Tuesday, May 29, 2012

How does your garden grow?

We inherited a small garden patch with our house.
Luckily Trevor saw it's potential... I just thought it was ugly.

He made this:
soooooo much better, yes?
 We figured as the son of a farmer 
and a daughter of a master gardener 
we can't fail when it comes to a box garden.
Maybe we shouldn't get too cocky.

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  1. Okay, had to laugh. Wes and I have tried gardening a few times but Wes' approach is usually just to plant the seeds and abandon, then hope something grows. So far we haven't gotten more than a few crooked carrots and some withered corn. But our neighbors--whose garden is within about 10 feet of ours--always have an abundance. Luckily they share. :-)