Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Before / After : Bedroom

I am finally ready to show some before and after pictures of my bedroom. 

Oh man I took this picture when we had first moved in, everything was everywhere. 
It was totally intentional to have an unmade bed.... more drastic transformation.

Ok if it's bothering you that much, here is a before with a made bed:


I would like to interject here for a second. 
Yes I realize there is a massive blank wall above our bed screaming to be made super cute. However, in the next couple months we will be upgrading our bed to a king. 
Yup, I said King. 
I am so stinking excited. 
What's that? 
Yes of course I cuddle with my husband all. night. long. 
I just want to have the option to not touch another human if I don't want.
p.s. Trevor and I are both spread eagle sleepers.
So with a king will come a different headboard; Trev wants a fabric one, I want wrought iron...we'll see.


Yes, my room may be having a 
silver / grey   
gold / brown 
identity crisis. It just happened.
Also, yes, that is a vision board.


Do you love my pictures?

I have this great photo of Trevor and I dancing from our wedding. 
It reminded me of other dancing pieces specifically these ones by Renoir and Vettriano.

I have zero photoshop experience but I wanted our photograph to look more like a painting. So I watched a few tutorials, played around, and this is what I came up with:


And after I tampered with it

I know it could probably be done much better but I will take it. 
Photoshop is hard. 


  1. Love this post Ape. Your room looks super classy, and I love how you did your wedding picture all artsy! Come decorate my house...please?

  2. The lady in the red dress is one of my FAVORITE pictures. Lookin' good April!

  3. Your bedroom is beautiful!! Too bad you can't come to Mexico with me and spruce up my house! And I think the picture of you dancing is so cool. You are so creative. Great job!

  4. I love it. Are those curtains from Anthro? Girl, you are so talented! Can you come and help me decorate?!

  5. love love love! your curtains turned out amazing and i LOVE your painted headboard. i'm tellin ya, a little paint goes a long way-it all looks awesome!!

  6. Very nicely done! Trevor said that you made curtains for your room, I love the white!