Thursday, October 20, 2011

No longer a newborn??

So finally after some major diaper blowouts I finally gave in and admitted my baby no longer fits in newborn diapers. Although it may have taken me until she was covered up to her neck in mustard curdy poop to switch her to the bigger size. 
My bad. 
(this picture wasn't even a blowout, it was just Trevor's first time changing her poopy diaper, a moment that needed to be documented)
 So does this mean she is not a newborn anymore?? When is it official? When she doesn't fit in newborn clothes? I feel like I need to define this because if not I will be blindsided and all of the sudden she will be going to college. It happens that fast I hear. 

 On a side note, I think I will have a little caterpillar for Halloween.

And because I am posting random pictures today with one hand while I hold my sleeping baby in the other. This next picture was taken when Bridget was THREE DAYS OLD, and yes she is full on SMILING! and yes, it is a horrible picture taken in haste with my phone.


  1. Hahah! Are you really going to keep that poopy picture forever? Haha.
    Just for the record, I never put my kids in newborn clothes, and only used the package of diapers I got at the hospital- then I moved straight to size 1. Bigger is usually better, not that my kids are humongus or anything. Anyway, don't feel bad about her not wearing newborn clothes. 0-3 lasts a lot longer.

  2. thanks erin. she actually does wear newborn clothes, 0-3 are still too big. but i'm sure not for long.

  3. Oh man April! I'm struggling with the graphic photos you've been posting lately! Haha Yikes! She is the sweetest little thing though and I'm pretty sure I need to see her and snuggle with her again very soon!

  4. She's adorable! Don't worry, we have poo pics too. ;)

  5. I still call my 'baby' Carissa my 'newborn'and she is off to college! Trust me, Bridget is still the newborn!! She's a doll and I love all the photos!! Hugs