Tuesday, October 11, 2011


 I have some amazing talent in my family. All of my sisters are super-moms AND can do anything, I am serious, anything. 

My sister Sarah is an incredible artist, she has pure natural talent. Of which I am most covetous of. I want to be an artist so badly! I would take art classes and work my very hardest and get "C's" ...my work looked like a 3rd grader did it. 

But Sarah can do it all; watercolor, oil, sculpture, photography. So although I don't have the talent, the rest of us are so lucky she does so we can enjoy these pictures of my sweet baby.

Sarah took these pictures when Bridget was 5 days old.

 I am hoping we have a dancer on our hands, just days old and already pointing her toes like a pro.

I want to publicly thank Trevor for having amazing lips and passing them to our child. 
Aren't they perfect?

 Have you died from cuteness yet?

I love this one, I think she looks like the Queen of Sheba. Taking baby modeling to a whole new level, thata girl Bridge. 

 I love this one. This little girl is perfect and the most adorable thing I have ever seen, and she needs me. I am her momma.

This is Trevor's favorite, I love it too. From day one, Bridget has been so engaging and focused. She will lock her eyes on you and look into your soul.

It still amazes me that even though she was only 5 days old she was awake and hanging out for the majority of the shoot.

 She literally is my angel.

Thank you Sarah! You are truly amazing. 
I may or may not get a little teary every time I look at these pictures.


  1. I'M IN LOVE! Congrats April! I love your happiness, and I love this little one. Just egg-static for you. :)

  2. I've officially died of cuteness! I always knew you would have beautiful kids, this is definite proof that I was right!

  3. oh my goodness she is precious!!!these pictures are amazing!

  4. Beautiful baby girl!! I'm so happy for you April. These pictures are perfect, so so lovely. She is beautiful.

  5. Oh, April she's beautiful! And I still have a present for her. One of these days I'll get it to you...

  6. I AM DYING LOVING THESE! That didn't make sense..I am dying over the pics and loving them. She is so cute and Sarah is awesome! Can't wait to meet her and those supple lips!

  7. Oh my goodness, I LOVE these pictures. They are wonderful, you have such a beautiful baby girl!!

  8. Look at your beautiful new little family! She is the cutest little diva I have ever seen.

    I won't see you for months because when you get back, I will be gone. Can't wait to catch up! Looks like you are all doing great.