Monday, June 13, 2011

Our "Thing"

Ever since Trevor and I have been married I have had a desperate desire to figure out what our "thing" should be.

You know, the thing that couples do together, the thing that you only do with that person, and when people ask you say "It's our thing." like that's all the explanation one should ever need. Like it could be: working out together (I wish that was ours), or gardening, or Slurpee Monday's, or making homemade pizza every week while watching re-runs of Fresh Prince. It's something you do mostly because you love to do it together. In fact you would be in trouble if you did it with anyone other than your other, or even by yourself!

For example, Trevor's sister and husband are garage sale-ers, that is their thing. They both love it, and they totally work the circuit. Every Saturday at 8:00AM they are out hitting up garage sales trying to find the best deal or the hidden treasure.

Another example: I had a Young Woman's leader who told me that she and her husband are boaters. When they were first married they could barely afford rent but the first thing they bought was a boat because that's what they both loved to do, especially together, and they have always had a boat.

I had some neighbors who's thing was motorcycle rides. He had a motorcycle but they would go on rides together in the evenings. She once told me she loved that it would give her a quiet moment to just think and close her eyes, she could hold close to her husband but they didn't need to talk.

So now back to Trevor and me, literally for years I have been trying to figure out our thing. We do a lot of stuff together, and there are a lot of things we both love to do, but for some reason nothing seemed to be the thing. Until one day, I realized what it is... we read. That sounds so anti-climactic and super boring, but let me explain:
I love to read and Trevor... not so much. His idea of fun is not curling up with a good book and getting lost in another world. Weird, I know. So, as it happened I would read all these fantastic books and I would want to talk to someone about them or I would bring them up in conversation with him and end up explaining the whole book. So that's when I started reading to him, and surprisingly he loves it! We read at the park, or in the backyard, or in the car (I am a lucky one that doesn't get carsick when I read), or before bed. I get really into books and I laugh and cry, and the best part is Trevor laughs and crys right along with me. Sometimes I make him read but he doesn't really like to, he says "I like the sound of your voice" so with my heart melted I go on reading.

Do you have a thing?

PS it doesn't have to be with a spouse, maybe it's even something you do by yourself, but it's your thing?


  1. I thought maybe your thing would be playing dress up! :o)

  2. tom hates reading together, but we always end up reading in bed before we go to sleep - but separately together.. haha if that makes any sense! i guess that's our only "thing" ... but slurpee mondays sounds so good - i might have to do that by myself tonight!

  3. We watch the Bachelor together. He loves it! Love reading as your thing

  4. We do the same thing April. It is fun to read together!

  5. Can I just say I LOVE "YOUR THING"!!!! Glad to see reading is not a lost art!