Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Legit Surprises

Trevor and I have not been very good about surprising each other when it comes to gifts.
I am super ridiculous because I will usually talk through (with him) the gifts I could potentially buy him to figure out if it will fit in our budget. Whereas he is super cute and cannot keep a secret because he just gets so excited!

I am proud to say we BOTH pulled off spectacular gift surprises for our anniversary this year!
I got Trevor a welder, which is something he has wanted really badly but never thought I would get him just because there are a lot of different options to welders that make no sense to me.
But I was tricky and called up his buddy, Jordan Taylor, and he was able to help me find exactly what Trevor would want in a welder. I think Trev was more surprised that it wasn't something he would have to take back! (bonus points to me!)

But then Trevor goes and surprises me for the first time!

Since being pregnant I have had some great experiences with retaining water and swollen extremities, therefore I haven't been able to wear my wedding ring since about week 16.

I did not expect it one bit but he got me a replacement band that will actually fit my finger! He said he picked this one out because it had the same pave diamonds that my wedding ring has. (I swear to you he even said the word pave!)

Seriously I have one amazing guy!

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