Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The Talented Mr. Markus

I have been working on trying to build a website for my "doulary" (that's what Trevor calls it) & HypnoBirthing business.

It's really hard when you have no website building skills.
(Luckily I have other skills like bow hunting and nun chucks.)

Hopefully I will have it launched soon. 

As I work on it I have had some pretty amazing people step up and help me out. Like Trevor's cousin, Tyler. He is an artist and fantastic graphic designer, he made my logo.

Isn't it beautiful?? 
Makes you just feel good, doesn't it? 
Makes you just want to be pregnant, doesn't it?

What do you think of my business name? 
April in Waiting? 
(It's because I assist [wait on] wonderful pregnant women and make them feel like Queens). smiley face

Tyler is a pretty talented guy, he just did the illustrations for an adult childrens book.
(I have your attention now, yeah? You are thinking, what in the world is an adult childrens book? 

It is hilarious and so clever!
You will seriously want to buy it.
Luckily you can.
It's perfect especially during this intense election time, we need a little light-hearted-ness that is totally spot-on.
Tyler has sent us a few of the nursery rhymes in the book and we have just busted up laughing. unfortunately?
I am getting my copy in a few days and I can't wait!!!
You will also want to bookmark their page because from what I understand they will be publishing more books.

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  1. i <3 your logo!! seriously so excited for you. been watching the business of being born and the second movie talks a lot about doulas. i think what you do sounds incredible. so excited to continue to hear more about it.