Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pure Bliss

It is common conception that Hell is hot.
I don't believe it.

Heat I can handle. (I secretly love the feeling of when it's the hottest part of the day in the middle of summer and I get into a car that has been sitting in the sun and it feels like my skin is scorching)

Hell to me is frigid temperatures.
It is an understatement to say I hate the cold. Why I have lived in Utah and Idaho most of my life is beyond me, I must be a glutton for punishment. Actually, I know I am a glutton for punishment, I currently keep my house temperature at a whopping 57degrees!! (I guess my destest for paying the gas bill trumps my disdain for the cold).
But please be comforted there is a happy ending to this story that comes sooner than July! I invested in a little ray of sunshine during these cold dark winter months. And be assured it is absolutely 100% pure bliss!
That is right, I am talking about my dual control electric blanket!
I get home from work, turn on my electric blanket, make dinner (freeze my guts out in my iceobox of a house) and then I crawl into my deliciously warm sheets! It's like getting into a hot tub but I don't have to get wet OR take my clothes off.
It's Love.


  1. i need this blanket you speak of! it sounds amazing! I love that last picture too :)

  2. Still trying to figure out the black and white photo.... but cute.

    .... and I thought i was so frugal for having the thermostat at 67. Sheesh, you are brave.

    What I'd like to see is how you feel in 6 months. No wait... how you would feel in 6 months if you were pregnant. THEN you can tell me about hell.