Friday, September 3, 2010

The List

I have always been a huge list maker.
I like to see everything in front of me all at once. It also helps because I am really good at getting distracted and forgetting things so lists help me to remember my really good ideas.
If you will notice... on the left hand side of my blog I have added a new list, called "The List." By reading it you should be able to figure out what kind of list it is.... others like to call it a Bucket List or Things to do Before I Die etc., etc. I have made a ton of these lists over the years. They are in the back of journals, on sticky notes, inside my jewelry box, on my phone, seriously they are everywhere.

I really like this list because it reminds me of things I have to life. I decided it would be a good idea to post "The List" because that way not only am I sharing all my really good ideas with everyone BUT it is now out there and I have to be held accountable for actually accomplishing and completing said list!

The list is not in any particular order of priority in fact I will probably add to it because I am always coming up with really good ideas....
Let me know if I am missing anything really great on "The List"


  1. I love it... very inspiring;) Although I would suggest you accomplish the "cuddle with Trevor for an entire day" prior to "become a mommy" -- just from my experience:)

  2. I also love this idea! And your blog:)) I love making lists too, but I always feel like they end up being mental lists. I really need to start writing these things down!

  3. um..I really want to go to the Spiral Jetty too! Lets plan it!