Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Calling Ever

Yesterday was the first day of my new calling. And as a fact it happens to be the best calling there is, I know, I voted. Now you are curious, what could be better than your calling? Well I will tell you, in fact Jesus will tell you, because......

There is nothing better than those little 3-year-olds. I don't think I stopped laughing the whole time. I actually need to come up with a more discreet way of laughing rather then putting the paper in front of my face. I am lucky enough to be a sun-beam teacher but the fact that I get my mom to be my co-teacher is the jack-pot!

To illistrate I want to tell the following story:

It was my turn to give the lesson which was: "I Can be Kind to Animals" (Trevor thinks it was divine intervention I gave this lesson because I really don't like animals, but that's besides the point). There was an activity in the lesson that we "fish" for animals: I made a fishing pole with a stick, string, and a magnent taped to the end so when they "fished" the paper clip that was attached to the picture of the animal would connect to the magnent and they could pick up each animal.
During primary I had the "fishing pole" propped up against the wall and a little boy names Dane started to play with the magnent. He asked me what it was, I told him it was a surprise and that he would have to wait for class-time. He proceeded to guess, "Is it a Rock?" "No" "Is it a button?" "No" "Is it a diamond?" "No, it's a surprise. Please put it down and you will find out what it is when we go to class."

He then proceeds to play with it, when he let go there happened to be a metal ciruit breaker
box right by his chair, (why anyone would put anything low enough for a 3-year-old to get to, especially in the primary room is beyond me) well, it got close enough to have the reaction magnents are famous for....
with a little snap the magnent attached to the metal and did not pull away. Dane watched all of this and stared at the magnent for a minute before looking up at me with huge wide eyes and a big grin


And that, my dear friends, is only part of what I have to look forward to every Sunday!

Jealous?? You should be.


  1. oh, you are funny.
    I wish so BAD I could have that calling. I taught the 6/7 year olds one time and they were a hoot! But that was 12 years ago and I haven't been called to Primary since. That's Sad. If it gives you any idea how long ago that was, Russell was in my class.

    I'm old....

  2. Thats freakin funny! I love those little kids. Teaching primary was probably the funniest experience of my life.

  3. April, I am so glad you are the sunbeam teacher. Being in the primary presidency I know how hard it is to find teachers who are excited to teach especially the little ones. You are amazing!!!

  4. That is so fun your teaching the sunbeams. I would have guessed the Young Women but either one your a shoe in for.


  5. that is SOOOOOO hilarious! What a cute story! Glad you are enjoying your calling! :)