Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Renovation Realities DIY Network

When Trevor and I were first planning, contemplating, and starting our basement remodel we wanted to figure out ways we could pay for it. I looked on the DIY network and there was a show called Renovation Realities, we made this video to apply for the show.

There wasn't a host or anyone to help with the project but they did compensate like $2000 for coming into your home and filming you. We figured any extra money would be worth it.

We actually got through the first few rounds of casting. But then we didn't hear from them for a while and we wanted to get the project going. So I emailed them and the lady we were working with told me they were in negotiations with the network because they weren't sure if they were going to get confirmed to do another season.

We decided to let our dreams of being reality TV stars go and just continue with our basement on our own. But I am really glad we tried for it because now we have this video and it gives us a great "BEFORE" of our massive basement remodel.

If you are interested in our casting video / our basement before:

ps if you look up the show "Renovation Realities" every intro is the same with the people working on the house is outside back to back with their arms folded and a pissed off look on their face. We decided to beat them to the punch and get all the footage they needed of us looking ridiculous. Please enjoy.


  1. You guys are the best!! So fun to see the before!! Sure LOVE the after! You guys are talented in a multitude of ways! <3

  2. Really great! Now will you do an AFTER video of the basement? You just have to document all your hard work here!
    Love you guys! Love your children! Love your house!