Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Much has happened this Summer, Trevor and I have had way more adventures then we ever anticipated within the first couple months of our marriage.

First we had the AMAZING opportunity to go to Washington DC for the 4th of July. The fireworks show was incredible right behind the Washington Monument!! You can't help but feel patriotic.

This was after the show in front of the Washington Monument.

The next day we were able to go and see all the sights of DC
The Lincoln Memorial

We were so lucky that we were invited and able to go with our good friends, the Hardings! It was so fun! Thank you Meags and Cody!

Trevor and the Washington Monument.
I love this picture, it's so Trevor.

In front of the Capitol

Jefferson Memorial
The rotunda. I actually think this one was my favorite...
We are so glad we had the opportunity to go to DC while we were on the East Coast. We couldn't get over the fact that to drive from Philly to DC took 2.5 hours and we drove through 5 states!!!!!!

It was a wonderful and very memorable 4th of July!


  1. you drove through 5 states to get there? I figured you would go from PA to Maryland to DC.. Huh.. I am SOO jealous you got to go to my homeland. I miss it there so much! did you get to ride on the metro??

  2. I love the second to last picture of you guys. I would love to visit the east coast again and go site seeing!

  3. Yeah, it was five states. We went through Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, DC, and Virginia. I guess if you consider DC a state :)